Love the Tikka Shack concept and want to be a part of our growth? Help spread the love by becoming a franchise owner! Our restaurant business is perfect for foodies and those who are passionate about creating a memorable dining experience. Although restaurant experience is not necessarily a requirement, it helps if you know a thing or two about working in the business.

Owning and operating a restaurant is not always easy, so potential franchisees must be up for the challenge and ready to reap the rewards of being a business owner. If you’re write papers serious about becoming a Tikka Shack operator, complete the form below to submit your application, and we will get the ball rolling.

Q & A

Tikka Shack franchises are available for the total initial turnkey investment of US$400,000 – US$450,000, includes an initial franchise fee of $30,000. The Tikka Shack Franchise Program offers opportunities for single unit franchises in designated markets across the U.S. There are exceptional opportunities available for multiunit developers in some of the most highly ranked markets in the U.S. Major metropolitan areas require that multiunit developers develop a minimum of three stores over a stipulated timeframe. We require that single-unit operators have a minimum net worth of $250,000 of which $150,000 must be liquid capital. Multi-unit developers must have liquidity totaling $150,000 per store that they are seeking to develop. Single-unit developers must live in the market they are seeking to develop. Multi-unit developers must either live or operate existing businesses in the market they are seeking to develop. Multi-unit developers must have restaurant operational or development experience.

The investment range covers all fees, construction costs, starting inventory, décor, equipment, and even includes working capital. Essentially, these numbers represent everything you need to open and operate a Tikka Shack Your investment could be higher depending on what area of the country you are interested in.

Yes, you pay an ongoing royalty fee of 5% of weekly sales. Advertising expenses of up to 2%, currently 1.5%, of weekly gross sales may be required to be paid into the Tikka Shack Marketing Fund.

Since the actual results of individual franchises are based on factors that are not within control of Tikka Shack, we do not provide estimates of profits or revenues.

Tikka Shack locations are generally about 2500 square feet. They are usually located in neighborhood and community strip centers, power centers and business district locations. The optional area is typically densely populated, has significant traffic count, and is highly visible and located near numerous traffic generators.

No, Tikka Shack doesn’t markup any goods, items, or supplies distributed to the store. We believe that by helping our franchisees reduce their cost, they will in turn be more profitable and open more stores.

You are not required to run the store, but successful stores are those operated by the owner(s), an operating partner or a seasoned manager.

The Application must be completed and returned to the Tikka Shack for review. We then evaluate each applicant’s qualifications and ascertain a candidate’s financial ability to successfully open and operate a Tikka Shack Restaurant. Once an applicant’s qualifications are approved and matched with available opportunities candidates will be issued a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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